How Custom Circle Stickers Can Be Used To Promote Your Business

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How Custom Circle Stickers Can Be Used To Promote Your Business

8 January 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

By having your company's name, logo, and contact information printed on custom circle stickers, you can promote your business in a variety of effective ways. Here are just a few ways custom circle stickers can be used to draw more attention to your business.

Stick Them on Your Products

Whether you sell clothing, baked goods, imported products, or household items, you can use custom circle stickers to brand each of your products before selling them to your customers. Attach the stickers to the labels on your clothing or stick them on the front packaging of your food products.

If you don't want to actually attach the stickers to your products, you can put the stickers inside the product packaging so it can be found by your customers when they open the packages up at home. The extra branding that your custom circle stickers provide will help keep your business fresh in customers' minds so they'll be likely to come back and buy from you again soon.

Decorate Your Shipping Packages

In addition to putting custom circle stickers on your actual products or within the product packaging, consider decorating your shipping containers with them too. Not only will the stickers be the first thing a customer sees when the products they buy from you are delivered to their door, but everyone who plays a role in actually shipping the product will see the stickers too.

And that means free advertising for you as time goes on. The stickers will also make it easy for customers to quickly identify your packages when they get delivered so they know what's inside and can care for the package accordingly until it gets opened.

Give Them Away As Rewards

You can even use your custom circle stickers as rewards and give them away to current and potential customers in the coming months and years. Send people stickers in exchange for signing up for your company's newsletter on your website. Or send customers some stickers any time they refer a new customer to you.

Give your stickers away at community events and trade shows. You can also provide some stickers to local stores and other businesses that would be willing to give them away to their customers. In exchange, you can promote their businesses on your website or in your newsletters.

Contact your sticker provider today to start the process of designing your own custom circle stickers that can be used to promote your business and gain new customers.