How Can CCaas Software Systems Reduce Your Business Costs?

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How Can CCaas Software Systems Reduce Your Business Costs?

17 August 2022
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If your company runs contact center systems, then you can buy your own software and run it yourself. However, you can also partner with Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions providers.

Here, you pay to use virtual or on-premise contact center software packages that are provided and managed by a third-party company. This option has some cost-saving benefits. What are they?

Reduced Hardware and Software Costs

If you buy or license your own contact center service software, then you have a range of costs. Some of these costs are one-offs; others are ongoing. For a start, you'll have to buy at least one software package. If you can't find one system to meet all your contact center needs, then you'll pay for multiple systems. You might also have to pay licensing fees for every user in your company who uses the software. While you buy some licenses on a perpetual basis, you have to renew others on a recurring basis, say every year.

These systems might also need additional hardware. So, as well as paying for software and licenses, you might also need to upgrade your computers and servers. If you use CCaaS, then you pay to use the service. You don't have expensive upfront software purchasing costs or traditional licensing fees. You simply pay per user for the system services you use. You can scale your user numbers up and down whenever you make staffing or system changes. Plus, if you use a virtual cloud-based system, then you won't have the same hardware costs. The company you partner with will host and back up all the software; your users simply need computer access to use it.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

If you run your own contact center software systems, then you have to pay to maintain them. You'll either have to employ technical support workers or bring in external IT contractors when you have a problem. This service adds to your manpower costs.

If you use a CCaaS system, then you don't have any maintenance costs. The company that provides the service takes responsibility for maintaining its systems. It also manages upgrades and changes. Even if you choose an on-premise solution, your CCaaS company should still offer maintenance services. You can call on them for help when you need it rather than having to employ your own IT staff.

To learn more about these and other cost-saving benefits, contact CCaaS professionals.