Thing To Consider When Installing A New Water Well On Your Property

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Thing To Consider When Installing A New Water Well On Your Property

5 April 2021
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Well drilling can be the best solution for getting water to remote areas or properties that do not want to connect to the municipal water supply. Understanding the process can make working with a well drilling company easier for you and ensure that you get the water well you need for your property.

Site Survey

If you are considering a new water well for your property, the well drilling company will come to the property to do a survey of the area and try to determine the best location for the well. The process can be a little complicated, and they will use terrain features to help determine where the water is located underground. 

An experienced well driller can look over the land and determine where the best spot for water will be, but if there is any doubt, you can get a water survey from your town or city government that will list the areas of known aquifers and underground water. The water survey can help point the well drilling company in the right direction and ensure that the spot picked for the well will produce a productive water well for the property.

Drilling The Well

The well drilling company will set up the well drilling rig on the spot that the company determines to be the best water source, and the driller will start drilling into the soil. As the drill rod goes deeper into the ground, a well casing is also slid in place to ensure the walls do not collapse. 

The depth that the well drilling company will go with the well is related to the well's water flow. If the well drilling rig finds water at two hundred feet below the surface, the amount of water coming from the well is measured in gallons per minute. The average home needs to have six to eight gallons per minute at a minimum, so if the water flow is lower than that, the driller will continue deeper. 

Once the water flow is achieved, the drill rod and bit are removed from the well, it is capped for a few days, and then the well will be rechecked to ensure the water flow is stable and the well is producing water. If it is not, the driller can drill deeper, but the average well is 300 to 350 feet deep, though, in some situations, a well of 450 to 500 feet may be necessary.  

Installing The Pump

Once the well is determined to be viable, a pump installer from the well drilling company will come and install the submersible water pump and all the plumbing, wiring, and any other parts of the system for your home. Once that is complete, a plumber can connect the line to the house, and you can start using the well. 

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