Packaging Optimization Considerations

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Packaging Optimization Considerations

18 November 2020
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Once you have manufactured the product you wish to sell, you need to decide how to package it. Initially, you must decide on the packaging for each item for when it is displayed on a shelf. Then it is important to determine the best way to box up the packaged item. This will include boxing individual packages to be shipped directly to consumers and boxing many packages to go to retails stores. Here are a few things you should consider for packaging optimization.

Packaging Design

When it comes to determining packaging design for items to be placed on a store shelf, you want consumers to be able to see the item. This could be a clear plastic covering, or a detailed picture of the item on the box. It will also be important that the item is secure in the package so it will not be damaged when people handle it. 

When boxing items to be shipped to a retail store, you can pack the individual packages in a manner that keeps them secure and protected. Generally, this will be fitting the packages into the box tightly so they cannot move around. As long as each package is secure and safe, that should be enough. If you are shipping directly to consumers, you may need extra material around the package to keep it from being jostled in transit.

Packaging Amount

It is important to have enough packaging materials to keep the contents safe without going overboard. If the products are not secure and safe, whether in the individual package or boxes for shipping, you will end up having to replace damaged goods at your own expense. If you have too much packaging, you are wasting money that could be used elsewhere. Take your time and test how much packaging is needed to keep your products safe and in good condition.

Packaging Type

The type of packaging is also important. As much as possible, you should go with environmentally friendly materials. You do not want to be responsible for a bunch of material in landfills that are not going to decay or disintegrate quickly. Not only is it part of your responsibility as a business owner to be aware of your impact on the environment, but it can also go a long way with consumers. When people know you care and try to be environmentally conscious they tend to buy your products instead of your not-so-caring competitors.

Contact packaging companies and find out what they can offer you. While you don't want to spend a fortune on packaging, with the right packaging optimization you will get what you need at a price you can afford.