Have You Bought An Old Commercial Building With Potential? Pressure Wash And Landscape Right Away

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Have You Bought An Old Commercial Building With Potential? Pressure Wash And Landscape Right Away

8 September 2020
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If you have just purchased a commercial property that has a run-down exterior and it needs a good cleaning and some serious landscaping, there are a few quick and easy things you can do. You can work to get the building looking better and to make a good first impression when people pull up or drive by.

With commercial pressure washing services, a thorough lawn cut, prune and trim, and some grass coloring, you can create a new-looking building. Look into the costs of these services.

Pressure Wash the Exterior Surfaces and Walkways  

A pressure washer can remove years of dirt and grime from exterior surfaces. This is a fast, easy, and affordable cleaning option. Have a professional commercial pressure washing company come to the property and clean these areas:

  • Exterior building material like siding, brick, stone or concrete
  • All walkways
  • Parking lot
  • Windows

The company will use a commercial quality cleaning agent to help get rid of the filth and so you can see what condition the exterior of the building is in. Cleaning the sidewalk and parking lot can also make the exterior not just look cleaner but also make it safer by eliminating slippery surfaces. Speak with a professional who provides commercial pressure washing services to learn more.

Landscape Needs

Immediate landscape needs should be addressed right away. This means things like:

  • Grass mowed
  • Property and necessary areas trimmed
  • Trees pruned
  • Bushes and shrubs maintained
  • Pests treated if needed

The landscaping is another detail that people will notice right away, so this is an important feature to give you a strong outward appearance for the business.

Grass Dyeing and Flowers

If the grass is dead or has bad dead spots and problem areas, consider spraying the grass until you can hydroseed or improve it. An application of green grass dye is affordable. Some bright and colorful flowers are other great options for brightening and decorating the space.

The exterior of the building will need attention if you want people to come in without reservation and if you want to give a great first impression. These are affordable changes you can make if you don't have the budget to do structural changes right when you purchase the building and if you aren't sure how you want to change the property yet.

Get a quote from a company that can get started on the pressure washing and cleaning. The landscaping details should be next on the list.