Water Fun For Your Child's Graduation Party

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Water Fun For Your Child's Graduation Party

18 March 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Use water-themed events for the outdoor graduation party that is being held in honor of your child's promotion from elementary school and to provide your loved one and their friends with some fun ways to stay cool. An inflatable water slide can be used as the main attraction and various games that utilize water can be set up alongside the slide rental.

Plan The Layout Of The Event

Decide where you would like to host the graduation party. If you own residential land that is spacious and flat, you can set up the water activities on it. For a smaller yard, you may need to limit how many water stations you offer and you may want to choose a small inflatable slide that won't take up as much space as some of the taller and wider models. Many water slides contain a self-contained wading pool at the bottom of the feature. The pool will prevent water from accumulating on your property, which could cause the ground to become muddy and slick.

Plan on setting up a tarp walkway along the front and sides of the slide. The children can walk along this surface after each trip down the slide, preventing grass blades or dirt from sticking to their feet. Plan which activities you would like to offer, in addition to the slide. A water bomb throwing station, a dunking booth, and a sprinkler area can be set up along one side of your property. Reserve plenty of space for the slide and make sure that there will be a few feet between the slide and the other activities.

Receive Assistance And Go Over The Guidelines

The water slide will be tethered during the installation of the rental and you will be equipped with safety information that will keep the party guests protected during the use of the slide. Sharp objects, jewelry, shoes, and heavy items should not be brought onto the slide. If you do not have an electrical outlet located nearby, you may be able to rent an electric generator.

The person who installs the slide will connect the power outlet to the electric source and will attach a hose to the slide. Before you allow your child and their friends to use the inflatable slide or participate in any of the other water activities that you have furnished, go over the safety guidelines that you would like everyone to follow. Provide constant monitoring of the children, during each activity.

For more information, contact a water slide rental service.