Selling Gold After A Divorce: It's Full Of Positives

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Selling Gold After A Divorce: It's Full Of Positives

30 December 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Divorce isn't all bad. It's often a way to start a new lease on life. Turn your divorce into a more positive experience, and learn how selling your gold can help.

Selling Gold is Free

If you've been leery of selling gold in the past because someone told you the process requires fees — don't believe them. It does not cost you anything to sell your gold to a reputable buyer. In fact, even with many mail-in programs, the company will provide you with the packaging and pay for the postage so that you can mail the items for free. If you've spent lots of money during the divorce process, don't worry, selling is free. 

Collect All Your Gold

Take your time and go around your home to see what gold pieces you have available. Another common myth is the idea that buyers are only interested in gold jewelry, however, remember that it's the material you're selling. For this reason, any item that is made of gold can typically be sold. If you have several gold pieces that your ex gave you, and you want to part with them, don't hesitate to inquire about selling them. 

Double-Check the Decree

To ensure you are protected, take a moment to look over the decree. You never want to sell a piece of gold or jewelry that is not yours to rightfully sell. A glance at the decree will refresh you on which items you need to turn over to your ex. However, for anything that is not only the list, go ahead and sell them if you want so that you can reap the benefits. 

Use the Funds How You See Fit

When you sell your gold, you get cash in hand that you can do whatever you want with. Maybe your ex wasn't much of a traveler, and you've always wanted to visit another country. Maybe the divorce has left your savings a little low, and you want to add some more cash to your account. Whatever you choose to do with the proceeds from the sale of your gold, the decision is one that is 100 percent up to you. 

Gold buyers are interested in all forms of gold, so never assume that they don't want the items you have. Collect your pieces and visit or contact a gold buyer in your area to learn how to sell your gold.