Discerning If There Is A Gender Pay Gap In Your Company And Software That Can Help

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Discerning If There Is A Gender Pay Gap In Your Company And Software That Can Help

27 December 2019
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A lot of companies hire employees and do not realize that they might have an issue with gender pay gaps. In fact, top CEOs might not even be aware that they have pay gap issues within their own companies! If you own a company, or work in the company's HR department, it is important to discern if you have a gender pay gap situation, especially if your company promotes itself as one that pays its female employees equal pay with the male employees. Here is how you can discern if your company has this problem, and how some gender pay gap software can help. 

What You Do With the Software

The software allows HR personnel, or the company owners, to plug in the sex and salaries of every employee in the company. This takes a lot of time to do at first, but the results are worth it. Once you have plugged all of this information in, you are ready to run the program, which will make comparisons based on equal job titles and responsibilities for all employees of equal standing at various levels within the company. 

What the Software Will Reveal

Any discrepancies among employees of equal rank, title, and responsibilities will pop up on screen. The software will either show you what it thinks is a gender gap in pay based on first name, or gender gaps in pay based on any gender information you have plugged into the software. You can choose to "ignore" what it says if the software has made a mistake and certain positions are not equal or candidates are not equally matched for experience and education. What you have left is a list of male versus female employees listed by name, sex, employment position, and salary/wages within the company. The revealed discrepancies will show you just how much of a gender pay gap your company appears to have, and then you will have to decide whether or not the pay gap is substantial enough to warrant attention. 

If Your Company Decides That Revealed Pay Gaps Warrant Attention...

The company's owner will have to evaluate these pay gaps on a case by case basis. If there is money in the budget, or ways to make cuts and give raises to the women who should be making equal pay, you can work this out. Provide some solutions so that all employees, regardless of gender, are paid fairly and equally.