Making Your Laundromat Comfortable For Your Customers

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Making Your Laundromat Comfortable For Your Customers

26 December 2019
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Laundry is not high on most people's list of favorite things to do, and spending the day in the laundromat can take a lot of time. Making your laundromat comfortable for your customers and offering them some amenities to make the time go by faster could make a visit to the laundromat much more comfortable and may even encourage people to come to your business over another.

Comfortable Seating

Chairs are often available in a laundromat, but for some reason, they are not always comfortable chairs. Consider putting better seating in your laundromat, so people are comfortable while they are there. 

You do not have to buy the most expensive furniture on the market, but take a little time to find some decent couches and chairs that offer people a place to sit and wait in comfort. Comfort can make a difference to your customers.

Wi-Fi Service

In many situations, people are coming to the laundromat because they have to, not because they want to. Having Wi-Fi available inside the laundromat for your customers to use allows students to study, professionals to work, and kids to watch something or play a game on their parent's tablet or laptop. The increase in productivity and the ability to get other things down while doing their laundry might be the difference between people coming into your laundromat or the one down the road. 

There are services you can use to help set up a network in your business, and once it is running, there is very little maintenance to the system. 

Television Options

Giving customers an option to turn the channel on the television can be a good thing. Include some family-oriented channels in your cable package if you can, so if the laundromat is full of parents with kids that day, the attendant can put on a kid's movie or some cartoons to entertain them. 

Vending Machines

Vending machines are part of most laundromats, but you could add something different to your business and offer a vending machine with all healthy snacks and include water, juice, and healthy drinks in a drink machine. 

Some people will still want the chips and a soda, but for those that would rather have water and some dried fruit or a healthy option, carrying a small amount of these options in your vending machine might be a nice change.

Contact a laundromat in your area for more ideas.