2 Things To Transform Your Garage Into An Entertainment Area

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2 Things To Transform Your Garage Into An Entertainment Area

18 December 2019
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Your garage can be used to extend the living and entertaining space in your home. If you struggle to find enough space for your family when you gather for holidays, birthdays, and celebrations, it's time to consider upgrading your garage into something more than just somewhere to park your car. Here, you'll find a few ideas to help you transform your garage into an extended living and entertaining space for friends and family.

Coat the Garage Floor

Keeping an unfinished concrete garage floor clean can be challenging. As you pull your car in the garage or use the garage to access the house from the driveway, lots of dirt and debris will be tracked in and mopping it up is tough.

Instead of struggling to keep that unfinished concrete floor clean, have the garage floor coated. There are some really beautiful finishes for you to choose from that'll make sweeping and mopping the garage much easier for you. A garage floor coating service can help you choose and install a finish.

These finishes will prevent moisture from seeping into the concrete and causing stains. Instead, the water will sit on top, dry and then, you'll be able to sweep and mop just as you would the floors inside your home. So, not only will it make the garage feel less garage-like, but it will make it easier for you to prepare for the party and clean up after the guests have gone. 

Temperature Regulation

If you have a good garage door, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the garage shouldn't be difficult. There are a number of electric space-heaters that are large enough to keep a two-car garage comfortable, or you could go all out and install a wood-burning stove or propane heater as permanent fixtures.

In the summer, when temperatures soar, you shouldn't need much more than a few fans to circulate the air. If things are muggy in your area, there are portable air conditioning units that can be used to cool the space. Just be sure that your guests are using the man door to the garage and that you're not opening and closing the garage door all day.

Tip: Screen doors are available for garage doors. So, if you enjoy the fresh air filling the space, but don't want the bugs, look into the available screen door options.

These changes can quickly provide you the extra space that you need to entertain no matter what season it is. Contact your local contractors for assistance in making these improvements.